Friday, October 21, 2011


All this time I have been changing for everyone. To fit their personal stature's. But, I'm done with them not appreciating me, and the things I do. So if you have a problem, leave it to yourself. 

And in the end, if this is what you think of me. Then this "Bad" just won!

Also... This is Coffee, I love it, I drink it, and i guess i am a rebel! Whoops.

Saturday, October 15, 2011



Everyday we do, we watch, we learn, we weaken, and we get stronger. Everyday I stand, I watch, I see, I hear, I learn, I fall, and fall, and fall... 
   I feel for the ones I love. I can see the change, the ghost that I don't want to know. The time when everything is nothing, and when I have nothing, I now have something that I never knew I did. I watch you fall, I watch you cry, I watch you hurt, I watch you Laugh, and I see me and you, In the end we're not alone. But we have the world to fill the excuses, the pain, the waist, the time. 
 Theres a wall, Its real and distorted nothing. Its me, and me alone. I watch the time pass, the time grow old, the time come near. I feel the shame I never once could speak. I feel you there. I watch you suffer, I watch you disappear, where are you going? 
Time has won, Time has gone, I am now one, but only one in this world I watch, I learn, I weaken, but I get stronger. Time. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope, or sometimes confused as Leslie Knorpe, Is one person in my life that I can proudly say Is someone I strive to be. And I think that I'm like her in many ways.

     This women, this amazing female, this fruitful collaboration, this intelligent thing, this flag of awesome, this lady of justice, this mound of courage, this crap full of thoughtful thinking, this person is Leslie Knope, and she is the up most importance, and not just to me... But to AMERICA (mostly me) and she rises up, and shows wisdom yet fear and blood and all at once she's strong and scared!
     I know that she is who I am striving to be. She once said "And if i ever was a stripper, my stripper name would be Equality." This is one of many many many brilliant and simple sayings of Knope, and yet she keeps her cool and prosperity. 
I see myself in her everyday, and I know that is because we are equally (almost) the same! I wanted to share this with whoever reads this, because one day, or tomorrow, I will be as amazing as her in every way, and yes... I will build a park! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

A little bit of color on the next page

I don't have much to say... All i know is that what we have, is more then we could ever ask for. 
All though you might not want to believe it, you are more then a person!
This world might be filled with measures of difference, but we all go through trials, and for the hardest times, tragedy and disappointment. But i know that if we look for the light on a dark day, we'll feel better, even in the little dumb ways haha. :)

Look at those smiles... Aren't they worth finding!

I'm riley paul, and i say SOLDIER ON.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Till our end

     Song... Have you thought about the story behind the music and lyrics? Have you thought about the emotions that were used to write the words of someones memories, thoughts, or imagination? I was thinking about how short life really is. And the people around us, are the ones that we have to take till the end. I know that everyone has a message that there suppose to send, some choose to out cast it, pretend its not there. Others show it everyday. And for the rest of us, We wait for another day to come, to maybe get the courage to understand who we are, and what we can give back. Thats why we all need to understand that we all have music in us, and even if its different, why can't we sing it anyways? Is it because of the world thats behind us? Always criticizing? Maybe, or can we face it? You choose for yourself. 

Always take the memories that have changed your life with you. They will only stay for as long as your reminded.


Sunday, July 31, 2011


Today a friend of mine told me a story of something he did to someone else. He had stores and reason to back up his choices, but think about what you're doing before you do... PLEASE!
                                                                                           They might not always be the best choices...


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This week i have one thing to say..... Be that one in a MILLION, Because its only a number!

Photo #4:

   -Soldi(A)r On.

Friday, June 10, 2011

This is too you.

I haven't updated, or even thought about my blog in a while. I moved, and even though thats not an excuse. I really feel as though i am lost in a dark dream where everything is backwards. The other day i got a message from a great friends of mine. Her name is Sam. She told me that i needed to update my Blog. And she was very demanding, and also convincing. So here i am now..... Just updating this old thing.
Now Photography is a big part of our lives, it's like music but without sound, you can get a million different stories of out one picture, so each week i am going to put a new picture up, and i would like to hear about what you are seeing in the photos.... And it might be every week or every day or random days but just check up. :) And if you have a song that would really describe the photo, then also mention that in your comment. :) Thanks!
      Photo #1:

Also i would like to Thank my friend sam for helping me get back on the right Blogging track! You ROCK SAM!!! If you would like to check out her Blog (Because its the bomb Shiz) Click HERE!

    -Soldi(A)r On.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Things that hurt.

Here is a couple of pictures of things that have
happend in the world recently.... These all have an impact on us
even if were thousands of miles away, think about others, because on the other side of the world... Well take a look.

(This took place after one of the many oil spills that occurred last year.)

(Another Horrible picture that was taken after an oil spill!)
Look at how much oil was spilled... 
It makes me sick to think about!!!

(This is a boat on top of a building!!! This DOES NOT LOOK REAL! 
IT SHOULDN'T BE....But it is :/)

 (And the Disaster in Japan!!!)

Just....... Think about all of the things that you have, 
there are people right now without food and shelter, people that have lost there loved ones, and everything else.... 
Just be happy with what you have.. And don't take it for granted!

     -SOLDI(A)R ON

Friday, March 25, 2011

Color Fest!

Yes! It is that time of year to get all colored up!!!
Tomorrow i will be attending the COLOR FESTIVAL for the second year in a row!!!! Heck yeah son.... Can't wait! It might be Raining/Snowing so i don't know how well powder mashes with the elements of Utah...... But i guess i will find out!!!!!!

If you have never been.... Your life is missing out on some CrAzY FUN!!!!
This year i decided that i will be taking more pictures, because last year i didn't take as much as i should, pssssshhhhhhh and for all of you AWESOME SOULS that can't go, I will share the fun and excitement right here on Soldi(A)r On!!! Heck yeah!!!!


     -SOLDI(A)R ON

Saturday, March 19, 2011


What i don't like is Loser Haters::::::::
No matter who we are, we will never be great enough for everyone. I will never be "Cool" But what's funny is i DON'T CARE!

Loser must be my middle name..... I like being different, and for those people that think they're higher then everyone, those people who think they can judge the world and get away with it... Well, I guess i'll see you when your cheering my name... But i'll turn away.

       -SOLDI(A)R ON

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just 1 thing.

     There's so many things that make me who i am. One of them is Rainy days... Not exactly Rainy days, but cloudy days (and if it's raining, then that makes it all the better).


            -Soldi(A)r On.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Soldi(a)r On?

      We all have similarities. Hobbies, ideas, likes, dislikes, beliefs, and feelings. But what does it mean to us if everyone else is the same, if everyone feels the same, thinks the same, learns the same, Then whats the point of trying to be more or less of a person if theres someone that is always going to be equal with you?
   We all do things different. Feel different, Think different, see things different then others. We don't all think the same way, but in our world, we feel as though we have to glue are selfs into the norm. To see eye to eye with the people that we walk by.

      And we all have SOMETHING in us that explains who we are. But most choose not to show it........
      "Soldiar On" is more then a jumble of words to me. It too me is moving forward, never stoping... Even when times are tough, seeing the light out of the tunnel. We all have this, weather its a sport, or a song, or name, a saying, quote, or a person. We have something in our lives that we hold on too, because that "thing" makes us who we are! And mine....
        ... SOLDI(A)R ON...
  -And why is it spelled wrong??... IT'S NOT.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


        Hey, so you've probably noticed that my blog name is different.....Well Its because The saying "Soldiar On" Means a lot to me..... And yes, its spelled wrong for a reason, and thats why haha i made it that way, it means more to me that way.
    And yes, it will be this way for now, and forever.... I would write more but its almost 12:00 and i am falling asleep as i wright this... So good night world.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't Hide!

         When i saw this, i was really confused about what it was saying, or more of what it meant... To me this is something that we all go through, or that we've gone through, and if your in High School, this is all around us. Sometimes i think that i might be doing the right thing, but taking a minute and looking around me, i'm in the same boat as all of the rest of the people around me, and even the littlest things can add up. Gossip, and talking about people behind there back is something that we all do. We don't think about, we just do it, because thats what we surrounded by.... I'm changing for the better, and i know i am, What this means to me, is going the right way, might not always the best way out, sometimes even thought things may seem great, they might also turn out to be the worst, so just think sometime, and really understand what way your headed.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jar of Nothing

     One of the Many cool and Awesome things that i got for my birthday was my "Jar of Nothing" jar! hahahahahahaahhhahahaah its so freakin cool!!!!
    The story behind this amazing piece of work, is basically explained on the Jar itself.... I told my grandma haha that i wanted nothing for my Birthday and this is what she got me!!!! I love you Grandma!! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awaken Memories.

    First i would like to say thanks to an amazing person, she's freakin awesome, and i have known her FOREVER so yeah, well its you Sam and thanks for being my friend, and also giving me this great idea about blogging, and that sometimes... Random Shiz is all you can do, or write, and so i thought about it, and Pshhhhh thats the best idea EVER!
    But it will have to wait until some other day, because while lost in my thoughts, thinking about some random things i could talk about, i came across a trip that i had embarked on this last summer.
                     Hmmmmmm... Who like sunken boat??????

So we went to this Lake called Sand Hallow in St. George and it was just a normal 500 degree weather day, and out of no where, this crazy wind storm/ Rain Hail and yeah storm Just.... Well we were in the water next, and thats really what happened, its a pretty darn good thing that we were staying in a condo haha!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I had no idea...

    Ok so apparently the Super Bowl is named after a 1960's toy called the "Super Ball," Which i think is pretty cool. Here is a picture of the toy, and like this is freakin cool you guys, i had no idea!!! And i am very excited to watch it!!! Now when ever i think of the Super Bowl, i'm going to be thinking of a little kid from the 60's throwing a black little ball around haha.......
       And what the Heck is that CrAzy Picture doing there??? Hmmmmm... Heck yeah son, Glee is on after the Super Bowl, and i am way freakin excited!! Today is a good day, I am so excited i might Fart my pants, or Shart.... Yep, that might just happen! TeHe.. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Embracing Ideas...

     Today i went to the D.I. to basically drop off my whole basement... And thats the Random fact of your day.. I thought it would be rude of me to not share this knowledge of the embarking adventure that i was thrust upon, with you.
       This picture is really cool... Well thats what i thought haha... It reminds me of a light bulb, but a cool one, Hmmmmmm yep thats exactly what it reminds me of! :) Enjoy the Lightbulb, embrace it, feel it, lick it, smell it, and Love it! :) Just like the carpet in your house... :]

Friday, February 4, 2011

Muffin Sadness...

Yeah so i made this because, i thought that my Birthday... Which is next friday (Wink Wink) Would be awesome. but its just turning out to be really stupid, and stressful and i wanted to punch everyone i saw today!!!! I feel like this may be the birthday that my soul just poops out a sad turd, Yeah.... That sounds about right..... Im so freakin excited!! Yay. 
Ahhh Alas... This is peter, and i live in a pup!!! I like Latino people, and eating Chocolate.... Well so in the mornings, i am very bored when i eat, so sometimes a play with my food and pretend that they are people, and then i eat them, and sooooooooooooooooooo thats kind of what i do in the mornings, it makes more since when your really tired, and sick, and you feel like your flying!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Ok so this video makes me almost Shart myself every time i watch it!!! Its so freakin funny, but its also really stupid..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA But yeah haha.... This Women's name is Justine Something..... But if you like this, i guess if you want, you can go watch some of her other videos.... Her name on YouTube is ijustine....But let me tell you something,, Most of her videos make me fall asleep, Or want to jab my face with a fork.... So have fun. But not to much! :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Thursday!! (But worth ever minute)

     I am very excited to have the opportunity to go to the 2011 Sundance Film Festival! I am leaving tomorrow, I felt a little poopy though after i found out that were only going to Salt Lake...... :( But Whatevzz, Its going to be an AMAZING experience! Im really hoping that i will see someone there , thats somewhat famous.... Maybe Angelina Jolie will be there and i can play punching bag with her overly sized lips haha.... That would be the day! :)

On the same day, i am going to the Christmas Box House, im going to be doing my Eagle Project on this place..... For those that don't know what the Christmas Box House is, its a orphanage kind of ... For kids that have been abused and other bad stuff like that, So i going to be meeting with a lady thats in charge of volunteer work for this place, and i will soon be helping awesome kids, So yeah im way excited! :)  

Monday, January 24, 2011

Free days!

         Some people "Think" that they are fat! Kind of like some people i know, i call them Mom and Dad, they call them selves Fatties! So every weekend my mom and dad can eat whatever they want, which is awesome because that means that we get to eat out all day, and it ROCKS! But eating healthy was invented for a reason, because when that wonderful weekend comes to a halting stop on the dreadful Monday, you realize that "WOW I FEEL LIKE CRAP!" Eating like crap is fun, but it has a bad side. i decided that maybe i wouldn't have the nice chocolate syrup on top of my sundae, and replace it with a plump cherry! YEAH THATS THE STUFF! So next time you 'feel' like you need a break off of your brussels sprouts...... Think Again Suckers! :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sick, Sick, Sick!

Yes, I am sick!!!! I feel like everyday is a million years in **** and i hate it!!!! If only i could just be better!!! They should make a pill that can cure the common anything, because honestly, i think they could if they wanted to.....
        Being sick is like Satan's way of throwing a big bag of bricks at your face! Why does he have to be so Freakin Poopy!!!! Well i don't know! I also discovered this week, that the counseling office is a big waist of time!!!!! I go in to change two of my classes, and they changed double that, plus, they weren't willing to change the problems that they made, unless the "Principle" Gave me permission to change my classes again! But i have my ways, because my classes are the way that i wanted them to be, it did take a little BS'ing but it worked! :)
            Well pray that the next time that i write something, it doesn't have snot or a cough all over it!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Movie you Might not "Want" to see!

       I was Very Lucky this week so have the Amazing experience of watching a heart worming film called " FROZEN!" Ok well this is not a good feeling movie AT ALL! I was being a little Smart-A because this movie is HORRIBLE!
         Well ok, so the movie isn't that bad..... all it does is makes you want to throw up.... But it's something worth watching if you like movies that make you Gag!! Basically it's about these 3 friends that go on a ski lift, get stuck on it for a week, while being like 100 feet above the ground, and yeah..... i think you can put all those things together and figure out what happens!!!! but if you would really want to know what happens, you can watch it, because its on Netflix!So if your a Netflixy Buddy and know what im talking about when i say that its on instant movies.... Well then you know that you can watch it right now!! So do it.... Well only if you want your soul to be black for a couple of days!!! :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

!!!Legit Space Car!! (eggcar)

     If you haven't seen this...... Well your missing out! I thought that my smart car was small! Well i was way way wrong!! this car goes all the way with the meaning of space car!!!! Because its to awesome for my eyes!!! Like i don't know what to think right now! This is so freakin cool!! :) And its called a freakin eggcar!!!! How freakin AMAZING is that?!!?!!?!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


     Well it's the start of a new year...... I cant really say i'm excited about this year so far because creepy things have been happening, and some things are better not said!!!!!! But lets have a little story session on what is going on in this new bright year of the big 11.. :?
      So that man right there that looks like he just slottered all of those birds, and looks like he's looking for gold in them..... Well no he did not kill them, in Arkansas...... 50,000 birds dropped dead and they have no idea why??? Maybe because the world is coming to an end, i don't know.... Just a though. (jk jk)
     Yes that is Kesha..... Well Kesha was at time square when the ball dropped for the new year, and uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh i'm gonna say something!! She's FREAKIN STUPID!! And i'm not talking about her picture,,,, Which can be nailed with nasty comments as well.... i'm talking about her in human form....She is the dumbest person that you will ever meet... It's a wonder why she's so flippen famous! :/
      And of course.... The wonderful world of grades, i really have no idea what i am going to do with my grades... they are not the best at all, and well i only have a week left to make them up,,, I might need to find super man to fix this problem, because otherwise... I AM SCREWED!!! :) HEHE

Sunday, January 2, 2011


         Well so i told myself that i was never going to get my Eagle, well because i thought that it was going to be nearly impossible to get, but once i actually started to work on it, i decided that i really don't have a lot to do....... I'm pretty much there..... So i am very very excited to get it, and i will be getting before im sixteen over my dead body!!!!! SO WATCH OUT WORLD!!!! I MIGHT KICK YA IN THE FACE IF YOU DONT GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!! :)