Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Till our end

     Song... Have you thought about the story behind the music and lyrics? Have you thought about the emotions that were used to write the words of someones memories, thoughts, or imagination? I was thinking about how short life really is. And the people around us, are the ones that we have to take till the end. I know that everyone has a message that there suppose to send, some choose to out cast it, pretend its not there. Others show it everyday. And for the rest of us, We wait for another day to come, to maybe get the courage to understand who we are, and what we can give back. Thats why we all need to understand that we all have music in us, and even if its different, why can't we sing it anyways? Is it because of the world thats behind us? Always criticizing? Maybe, or can we face it? You choose for yourself. 

Always take the memories that have changed your life with you. They will only stay for as long as your reminded.



  1. wow, thats like the whole purpose of my blog title. great minds think alike? or did i inspire you?

  2. You know whats funny?? haha i actually didn't get the idea from your blog, although it does make sense why i would look that way haha.... But anyways, i was listening to a song that gave me the inspiration to write it haha.

  3. oh dang. I felt all good about myself for a minute.
    but isn't it such a fantastic concept.