Friday, October 21, 2011


All this time I have been changing for everyone. To fit their personal stature's. But, I'm done with them not appreciating me, and the things I do. So if you have a problem, leave it to yourself. 

And in the end, if this is what you think of me. Then this "Bad" just won!

Also... This is Coffee, I love it, I drink it, and i guess i am a rebel! Whoops.

Saturday, October 15, 2011



Everyday we do, we watch, we learn, we weaken, and we get stronger. Everyday I stand, I watch, I see, I hear, I learn, I fall, and fall, and fall... 
   I feel for the ones I love. I can see the change, the ghost that I don't want to know. The time when everything is nothing, and when I have nothing, I now have something that I never knew I did. I watch you fall, I watch you cry, I watch you hurt, I watch you Laugh, and I see me and you, In the end we're not alone. But we have the world to fill the excuses, the pain, the waist, the time. 
 Theres a wall, Its real and distorted nothing. Its me, and me alone. I watch the time pass, the time grow old, the time come near. I feel the shame I never once could speak. I feel you there. I watch you suffer, I watch you disappear, where are you going? 
Time has won, Time has gone, I am now one, but only one in this world I watch, I learn, I weaken, but I get stronger. Time.