Monday, March 28, 2011

Things that hurt.

Here is a couple of pictures of things that have
happend in the world recently.... These all have an impact on us
even if were thousands of miles away, think about others, because on the other side of the world... Well take a look.

(This took place after one of the many oil spills that occurred last year.)

(Another Horrible picture that was taken after an oil spill!)
Look at how much oil was spilled... 
It makes me sick to think about!!!

(This is a boat on top of a building!!! This DOES NOT LOOK REAL! 
IT SHOULDN'T BE....But it is :/)

 (And the Disaster in Japan!!!)

Just....... Think about all of the things that you have, 
there are people right now without food and shelter, people that have lost there loved ones, and everything else.... 
Just be happy with what you have.. And don't take it for granted!

     -SOLDI(A)R ON

Friday, March 25, 2011

Color Fest!

Yes! It is that time of year to get all colored up!!!
Tomorrow i will be attending the COLOR FESTIVAL for the second year in a row!!!! Heck yeah son.... Can't wait! It might be Raining/Snowing so i don't know how well powder mashes with the elements of Utah...... But i guess i will find out!!!!!!

If you have never been.... Your life is missing out on some CrAzY FUN!!!!
This year i decided that i will be taking more pictures, because last year i didn't take as much as i should, pssssshhhhhhh and for all of you AWESOME SOULS that can't go, I will share the fun and excitement right here on Soldi(A)r On!!! Heck yeah!!!!


     -SOLDI(A)R ON

Saturday, March 19, 2011


What i don't like is Loser Haters::::::::
No matter who we are, we will never be great enough for everyone. I will never be "Cool" But what's funny is i DON'T CARE!

Loser must be my middle name..... I like being different, and for those people that think they're higher then everyone, those people who think they can judge the world and get away with it... Well, I guess i'll see you when your cheering my name... But i'll turn away.

       -SOLDI(A)R ON

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just 1 thing.

     There's so many things that make me who i am. One of them is Rainy days... Not exactly Rainy days, but cloudy days (and if it's raining, then that makes it all the better).


            -Soldi(A)r On.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Soldi(a)r On?

      We all have similarities. Hobbies, ideas, likes, dislikes, beliefs, and feelings. But what does it mean to us if everyone else is the same, if everyone feels the same, thinks the same, learns the same, Then whats the point of trying to be more or less of a person if theres someone that is always going to be equal with you?
   We all do things different. Feel different, Think different, see things different then others. We don't all think the same way, but in our world, we feel as though we have to glue are selfs into the norm. To see eye to eye with the people that we walk by.

      And we all have SOMETHING in us that explains who we are. But most choose not to show it........
      "Soldiar On" is more then a jumble of words to me. It too me is moving forward, never stoping... Even when times are tough, seeing the light out of the tunnel. We all have this, weather its a sport, or a song, or name, a saying, quote, or a person. We have something in our lives that we hold on too, because that "thing" makes us who we are! And mine....
        ... SOLDI(A)R ON...
  -And why is it spelled wrong??... IT'S NOT.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


        Hey, so you've probably noticed that my blog name is different.....Well Its because The saying "Soldiar On" Means a lot to me..... And yes, its spelled wrong for a reason, and thats why haha i made it that way, it means more to me that way.
    And yes, it will be this way for now, and forever.... I would write more but its almost 12:00 and i am falling asleep as i wright this... So good night world.