Thursday, December 30, 2010

Friendship!! :]

     Well well well, Friendship, it can Cash and Burn, and then it can be AMAZING!! :) Sometimes you have to lose something to remember how much it met to you. Thats exactly what happened. I was stupid, and decided that i was going to defriend a friend that is one of my Best Best Friends, and i didn't realize what i had lost until i had lost her. So here she is, she amazing, and funny, and she will always be there for you. She listens and she's AMAZING! And i am the luckiest to have her as a friend! :) So thanks Vanessa for being there for me, and forgiving me, and i'm sorry for what i did! This will never happen again. I love Ya! :)
                                  Love Riley! :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


    Theres a lot things that i could be doing right now. Like Homework, or Working on my Eagle (which i will probably never get at this rate!) But i choose to listen to music, browse the WWW, and play plants vs Zombies on my phone! What a great way to feel horrible, and also Relaxed.
   Last night i was very very very puzzled! I was lying in bed, ready to Close of eyes and enter a world filled with flying monkeys, and drinks that make your pee turn Blue...... But there was a noise. I was freakin, freakin me out, but after, i realized that i was only hearing the sound of the poor freezing cold droplets from the sky, smack the surface of my glass windows.... Psssshhhhhhhh I didnt know it was raining outside! And so then shortly after, i fell asleep.
    I woke up to my room colder then a Freezer, or a creeper persons soul! What was this? It has not been this cold in my room since the last time that it snowed! :/ SO i went to the window, and there it was!!! THE BEAST!!! Some may call it snow, but i call it frigged whiteness filled with souls that it has taken in the years passed! So i jumped out of bed, turned on my heater, and that was that, now i am content in my house, and there for i will always be..... JK.... I AM SO FREAKIN BOARD!!! SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New idea/Other things. :)))

     So i decided that i am going to tell you all about new stuff about the week, this will happen every week so...... Get use to it, but it will happen every tuesday, so eat that! :)
       #1. iTunes, Thankyou so much iTunes for your loving support, but i thought that when i wake up in the mornings of every Tuesday of my life, you're suppose to be updated and ready to show me some new music and etc.... But maybe apple has been lazy lately because i woke up this morning, just to find out that "Grenade by Bruno Mars is still number one on itunes! >:(" WHAT THE HECK! Oh yes.... i had to wait until 2:00 for apple to FrEaKiN update itunes..... THANKS. :)
       #2. Resident Evil: After life came out today and i cant wait to see it! Maybe it will be the Best movie ever, or it might suck, i have very very high hopes for this movie so if i am disappointed, i might kill someone!
        #3. i found out that some of the Richest people in the united stated live in Texas!! Texas?? Are you kidding?? Why Texas..... You know what, this world Confuses me!!
        And sweet #4. Today i am going to go see a play at the Off Broadway Theatre.... i am very very excited.... Lets hope that this play is awesome! :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

What to do now...........?

      Well, i decided that i really really really really hate school because 1. My grades SUCK! and 2. Why the HECK would i WANT to go back to Yuck School! well........... i guess this week will be all dedicated to getting my Eagle, and to getting my grades up, which will be pretty freakin HARD!!! 
      But no FRETTING because somehow i will be able to do this! I will need a list of things though to complete this task......

  • Cheese (I like eating cheese, i do quit enjoy it)
  • Ipod
  • Laptop
  • Patience (Dont know where i will find that)
  • And Brake Time = ALOT OF BRAKE TIME!!!!!!!!!
  • And i need to watch "The House Bunny!" 
P.S. I always sound CrAzY When im writing what i say on my blog..... Im not HIGH i promise! I just Enjoy Being Different, so yeah....... :) But in a good way!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CrEePeRs Even In The Olden Times! :/

        Can you Believe how much apple use to suck!!!! That little Creepy black thing on the left of this is Apples Newton, it came out Bran Spanken New August 16 1993...... And it looks like a Creeper!!! And now look at the Ipad!!! What a FREAKIN AWESOME PICEC OF WORK!!!! :)
        Ok so you all think that this is CREEPY looking right?..... Well think of this thing as being like your cell phone in school..... Ya Know, you whip out this big black thing in class, and play some Black and White games on  it, and when your done with that, you can plan out your week with the calender that holds up to a week span at a time! :) RIGHT ON!! :) And who needs fingers back in the olden days, ummmmm hello, no one! you can use your styles thats bigger then the device its self!!! Heck yaya!!! :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Blended Christmas Tree!!! (In a Cup)

                     Dear Christmas Drink!!! You have always been there for me and i will NEVER forget you!!!! Ok so, this isn't really a "Christmas" drink. It's more of like a Symbol of Freedom in a CUP! AAAHHHHHHH! As you can see, or maybe your blind(:/) This is Chai! Chai with no sugar, soy milk, and some other things! But this is the BEST part of my day, when it touches your poor graceful mouth, your body BURSTS with joy and yay! When people try this, they don't just explore this new world, they ask questions........ "What? Who? How? Why? Yes!" Ahhhhhhh the Freedom of the Christmas Drink! Pretend that you live with a Donky and you WOKE UP, one morning to see that this Donky turned into a Bird!!!! What? Yep thats Right, same Reactions!!!!! YES! So when your feeling Down!!!! Don't Frown........ Go get a CHAI!!! :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

    Ok so i was at my Family Christmas party, and while i was eating in the Garage of my great uncles house (Yes, i really was eating in a Garage) There was this chuwawa thing and yes it was very very creepy to look at! it might not look CrEePy in this pic..... But thats because in a picture, it cant sing and move! It was singing some Mexican Christmas song while mouthing the words, and dancing all creepily!!! It was also singing in a Mexican accent, and it sounded like a 50 year old man!!! Yes a 50 year old mexican man in a shape of a little Mexican dog!!!! It was creepy.... BUT IT CHANGED MY LIFE!!! :)

Parks and Recreation!!!

      So if well some may know that parks and rec was shut off because some people have no soul!!!!!!!!! But not to fear because well........ Its coming back on in JANUARY!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!! This will really really really help fill the lost parts that i have right now in my heart, because well.... Glee and the office are taking a break and so this will help me cope!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so Freakin excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go you Leslie Knope!! :)

Saturday Night Live - Coin Slot Creme

Saturday, December 18, 2010


        Tron was AWESOME!!!! The story was a little hard to understand at some parts but everything else was overly awesome!!!!! Something that i would have never of thought to see in a movie!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


         Tomorrow could be AWESOME!!! :] But it could also be poop, i guess it depends on if im still sick tomorrow! :/ Ok so what is the list for tomorrow??
  1. Wake up!
  2. Eat!
  3. Go to Foods!
  4. Don't go to 2nd Period!
  5. Perform.
  6. Perform AgAiN! :/
  7. Wait until school is over.
  8. Have a PARTAY!!
  9. Sing.....Again in the FrEeZiNg cold!
  10. HAVE A GREAT BREAK!!! :)