Monday, December 20, 2010

Blended Christmas Tree!!! (In a Cup)

                     Dear Christmas Drink!!! You have always been there for me and i will NEVER forget you!!!! Ok so, this isn't really a "Christmas" drink. It's more of like a Symbol of Freedom in a CUP! AAAHHHHHHH! As you can see, or maybe your blind(:/) This is Chai! Chai with no sugar, soy milk, and some other things! But this is the BEST part of my day, when it touches your poor graceful mouth, your body BURSTS with joy and yay! When people try this, they don't just explore this new world, they ask questions........ "What? Who? How? Why? Yes!" Ahhhhhhh the Freedom of the Christmas Drink! Pretend that you live with a Donky and you WOKE UP, one morning to see that this Donky turned into a Bird!!!! What? Yep thats Right, same Reactions!!!!! YES! So when your feeling Down!!!! Don't Frown........ Go get a CHAI!!! :)

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