Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CrEePeRs Even In The Olden Times! :/

        Can you Believe how much apple use to suck!!!! That little Creepy black thing on the left of this is Apples Newton, it came out Bran Spanken New August 16 1993...... And it looks like a Creeper!!! And now look at the Ipad!!! What a FREAKIN AWESOME PICEC OF WORK!!!! :)
        Ok so you all think that this is CREEPY looking right?..... Well think of this thing as being like your cell phone in school..... Ya Know, you whip out this big black thing in class, and play some Black and White games on  it, and when your done with that, you can plan out your week with the calender that holds up to a week span at a time! :) RIGHT ON!! :) And who needs fingers back in the olden days, ummmmm hello, no one! you can use your styles thats bigger then the device its self!!! Heck yaya!!! :)

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