Wednesday, December 29, 2010


    Theres a lot things that i could be doing right now. Like Homework, or Working on my Eagle (which i will probably never get at this rate!) But i choose to listen to music, browse the WWW, and play plants vs Zombies on my phone! What a great way to feel horrible, and also Relaxed.
   Last night i was very very very puzzled! I was lying in bed, ready to Close of eyes and enter a world filled with flying monkeys, and drinks that make your pee turn Blue...... But there was a noise. I was freakin, freakin me out, but after, i realized that i was only hearing the sound of the poor freezing cold droplets from the sky, smack the surface of my glass windows.... Psssshhhhhhhh I didnt know it was raining outside! And so then shortly after, i fell asleep.
    I woke up to my room colder then a Freezer, or a creeper persons soul! What was this? It has not been this cold in my room since the last time that it snowed! :/ SO i went to the window, and there it was!!! THE BEAST!!! Some may call it snow, but i call it frigged whiteness filled with souls that it has taken in the years passed! So i jumped out of bed, turned on my heater, and that was that, now i am content in my house, and there for i will always be..... JK.... I AM SO FREAKIN BOARD!!! SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!! :)

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