Friday, October 21, 2011


All this time I have been changing for everyone. To fit their personal stature's. But, I'm done with them not appreciating me, and the things I do. So if you have a problem, leave it to yourself. 

And in the end, if this is what you think of me. Then this "Bad" just won!

Also... This is Coffee, I love it, I drink it, and i guess i am a rebel! Whoops.

Saturday, October 15, 2011



Everyday we do, we watch, we learn, we weaken, and we get stronger. Everyday I stand, I watch, I see, I hear, I learn, I fall, and fall, and fall... 
   I feel for the ones I love. I can see the change, the ghost that I don't want to know. The time when everything is nothing, and when I have nothing, I now have something that I never knew I did. I watch you fall, I watch you cry, I watch you hurt, I watch you Laugh, and I see me and you, In the end we're not alone. But we have the world to fill the excuses, the pain, the waist, the time. 
 Theres a wall, Its real and distorted nothing. Its me, and me alone. I watch the time pass, the time grow old, the time come near. I feel the shame I never once could speak. I feel you there. I watch you suffer, I watch you disappear, where are you going? 
Time has won, Time has gone, I am now one, but only one in this world I watch, I learn, I weaken, but I get stronger. Time. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope, or sometimes confused as Leslie Knorpe, Is one person in my life that I can proudly say Is someone I strive to be. And I think that I'm like her in many ways.

     This women, this amazing female, this fruitful collaboration, this intelligent thing, this flag of awesome, this lady of justice, this mound of courage, this crap full of thoughtful thinking, this person is Leslie Knope, and she is the up most importance, and not just to me... But to AMERICA (mostly me) and she rises up, and shows wisdom yet fear and blood and all at once she's strong and scared!
     I know that she is who I am striving to be. She once said "And if i ever was a stripper, my stripper name would be Equality." This is one of many many many brilliant and simple sayings of Knope, and yet she keeps her cool and prosperity. 
I see myself in her everyday, and I know that is because we are equally (almost) the same! I wanted to share this with whoever reads this, because one day, or tomorrow, I will be as amazing as her in every way, and yes... I will build a park! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

A little bit of color on the next page

I don't have much to say... All i know is that what we have, is more then we could ever ask for. 
All though you might not want to believe it, you are more then a person!
This world might be filled with measures of difference, but we all go through trials, and for the hardest times, tragedy and disappointment. But i know that if we look for the light on a dark day, we'll feel better, even in the little dumb ways haha. :)

Look at those smiles... Aren't they worth finding!

I'm riley paul, and i say SOLDIER ON.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Till our end

     Song... Have you thought about the story behind the music and lyrics? Have you thought about the emotions that were used to write the words of someones memories, thoughts, or imagination? I was thinking about how short life really is. And the people around us, are the ones that we have to take till the end. I know that everyone has a message that there suppose to send, some choose to out cast it, pretend its not there. Others show it everyday. And for the rest of us, We wait for another day to come, to maybe get the courage to understand who we are, and what we can give back. Thats why we all need to understand that we all have music in us, and even if its different, why can't we sing it anyways? Is it because of the world thats behind us? Always criticizing? Maybe, or can we face it? You choose for yourself. 

Always take the memories that have changed your life with you. They will only stay for as long as your reminded.


Sunday, July 31, 2011


Today a friend of mine told me a story of something he did to someone else. He had stores and reason to back up his choices, but think about what you're doing before you do... PLEASE!
                                                                                           They might not always be the best choices...


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This week i have one thing to say..... Be that one in a MILLION, Because its only a number!

Photo #4:

   -Soldi(A)r On.