Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New idea/Other things. :)))

     So i decided that i am going to tell you all about new stuff about the week, this will happen every week so...... Get use to it, but it will happen every tuesday, so eat that! :)
       #1. iTunes, Thankyou so much iTunes for your loving support, but i thought that when i wake up in the mornings of every Tuesday of my life, you're suppose to be updated and ready to show me some new music and etc.... But maybe apple has been lazy lately because i woke up this morning, just to find out that "Grenade by Bruno Mars is still number one on itunes! >:(" WHAT THE HECK! Oh yes.... i had to wait until 2:00 for apple to FrEaKiN update itunes..... THANKS. :)
       #2. Resident Evil: After life came out today and i cant wait to see it! Maybe it will be the Best movie ever, or it might suck, i have very very high hopes for this movie so if i am disappointed, i might kill someone!
        #3. i found out that some of the Richest people in the united stated live in Texas!! Texas?? Are you kidding?? Why Texas..... You know what, this world Confuses me!!
        And sweet #4. Today i am going to go see a play at the Off Broadway Theatre.... i am very very excited.... Lets hope that this play is awesome! :)

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  1. Texas is rich because of all the stinkin oil there. Bleh. Nice blog by the way it cool. You are now officially a blogger nerd. A bloggie? hmmm. haha, anyway you should add the drama blog cuz it's super cool.
    Love ya,