Monday, March 28, 2011

Things that hurt.

Here is a couple of pictures of things that have
happend in the world recently.... These all have an impact on us
even if were thousands of miles away, think about others, because on the other side of the world... Well take a look.

(This took place after one of the many oil spills that occurred last year.)

(Another Horrible picture that was taken after an oil spill!)
Look at how much oil was spilled... 
It makes me sick to think about!!!

(This is a boat on top of a building!!! This DOES NOT LOOK REAL! 
IT SHOULDN'T BE....But it is :/)

 (And the Disaster in Japan!!!)

Just....... Think about all of the things that you have, 
there are people right now without food and shelter, people that have lost there loved ones, and everything else.... 
Just be happy with what you have.. And don't take it for granted!

     -SOLDI(A)R ON

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