Friday, June 10, 2011

This is too you.

I haven't updated, or even thought about my blog in a while. I moved, and even though thats not an excuse. I really feel as though i am lost in a dark dream where everything is backwards. The other day i got a message from a great friends of mine. Her name is Sam. She told me that i needed to update my Blog. And she was very demanding, and also convincing. So here i am now..... Just updating this old thing.
Now Photography is a big part of our lives, it's like music but without sound, you can get a million different stories of out one picture, so each week i am going to put a new picture up, and i would like to hear about what you are seeing in the photos.... And it might be every week or every day or random days but just check up. :) And if you have a song that would really describe the photo, then also mention that in your comment. :) Thanks!
      Photo #1:

Also i would like to Thank my friend sam for helping me get back on the right Blogging track! You ROCK SAM!!! If you would like to check out her Blog (Because its the bomb Shiz) Click HERE!

    -Soldi(A)r On.

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  1. Awww :) I really, REALLY love the picture. Did you take it?