Monday, January 24, 2011

Free days!

         Some people "Think" that they are fat! Kind of like some people i know, i call them Mom and Dad, they call them selves Fatties! So every weekend my mom and dad can eat whatever they want, which is awesome because that means that we get to eat out all day, and it ROCKS! But eating healthy was invented for a reason, because when that wonderful weekend comes to a halting stop on the dreadful Monday, you realize that "WOW I FEEL LIKE CRAP!" Eating like crap is fun, but it has a bad side. i decided that maybe i wouldn't have the nice chocolate syrup on top of my sundae, and replace it with a plump cherry! YEAH THATS THE STUFF! So next time you 'feel' like you need a break off of your brussels sprouts...... Think Again Suckers! :)

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