Friday, January 14, 2011

A Movie you Might not "Want" to see!

       I was Very Lucky this week so have the Amazing experience of watching a heart worming film called " FROZEN!" Ok well this is not a good feeling movie AT ALL! I was being a little Smart-A because this movie is HORRIBLE!
         Well ok, so the movie isn't that bad..... all it does is makes you want to throw up.... But it's something worth watching if you like movies that make you Gag!! Basically it's about these 3 friends that go on a ski lift, get stuck on it for a week, while being like 100 feet above the ground, and yeah..... i think you can put all those things together and figure out what happens!!!! but if you would really want to know what happens, you can watch it, because its on Netflix!So if your a Netflixy Buddy and know what im talking about when i say that its on instant movies.... Well then you know that you can watch it right now!! So do it.... Well only if you want your soul to be black for a couple of days!!! :)

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