Wednesday, January 5, 2011


     Well it's the start of a new year...... I cant really say i'm excited about this year so far because creepy things have been happening, and some things are better not said!!!!!! But lets have a little story session on what is going on in this new bright year of the big 11.. :?
      So that man right there that looks like he just slottered all of those birds, and looks like he's looking for gold in them..... Well no he did not kill them, in Arkansas...... 50,000 birds dropped dead and they have no idea why??? Maybe because the world is coming to an end, i don't know.... Just a though. (jk jk)
     Yes that is Kesha..... Well Kesha was at time square when the ball dropped for the new year, and uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh i'm gonna say something!! She's FREAKIN STUPID!! And i'm not talking about her picture,,,, Which can be nailed with nasty comments as well.... i'm talking about her in human form....She is the dumbest person that you will ever meet... It's a wonder why she's so flippen famous! :/
      And of course.... The wonderful world of grades, i really have no idea what i am going to do with my grades... they are not the best at all, and well i only have a week left to make them up,,, I might need to find super man to fix this problem, because otherwise... I AM SCREWED!!! :) HEHE

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