Friday, January 21, 2011

Sick, Sick, Sick!

Yes, I am sick!!!! I feel like everyday is a million years in **** and i hate it!!!! If only i could just be better!!! They should make a pill that can cure the common anything, because honestly, i think they could if they wanted to.....
        Being sick is like Satan's way of throwing a big bag of bricks at your face! Why does he have to be so Freakin Poopy!!!! Well i don't know! I also discovered this week, that the counseling office is a big waist of time!!!!! I go in to change two of my classes, and they changed double that, plus, they weren't willing to change the problems that they made, unless the "Principle" Gave me permission to change my classes again! But i have my ways, because my classes are the way that i wanted them to be, it did take a little BS'ing but it worked! :)
            Well pray that the next time that i write something, it doesn't have snot or a cough all over it!

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