Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awaken Memories.

    First i would like to say thanks to an amazing person, she's freakin awesome, and i have known her FOREVER so yeah, well its you Sam and thanks for being my friend, and also giving me this great idea about blogging, and that sometimes... Random Shiz is all you can do, or write, and so i thought about it, and Pshhhhh thats the best idea EVER!
    But it will have to wait until some other day, because while lost in my thoughts, thinking about some random things i could talk about, i came across a trip that i had embarked on this last summer.
                     Hmmmmmm... Who like sunken boat??????

So we went to this Lake called Sand Hallow in St. George and it was just a normal 500 degree weather day, and out of no where, this crazy wind storm/ Rain Hail and yeah storm Just.... Well we were in the water next, and thats really what happened, its a pretty darn good thing that we were staying in a condo haha!!

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  1. Haha thanks pal! Really, nobody wants to read about what you did at school everyday. I've seen blogs like that- theyre lame. Actually, lies, some of them are really funny, but those people are already funny so it works for them. But other people are boring. Okay I'm shutting up- you're wonderful and I LOVE YOU!!! hahaha